Fortnite has been absorbed by a black hole

From the 25 million dollars earned in August 2018 it has gone to 160 million in August this year. China, the Chinese market where this battle royale is very well established, explains those figures.

In any case, even subtracting the Chinese market from the balance of PUBG Mobile, on mobile with iOS, the video game increased its revenues so far in 2019 by 165% compared to last year. On the other hand, always according to the data managed by Sensor Tower, Fortnite's revenues have decreased 36% in the same period.

After adding 45 million new players in August, double the number in July, the Tencent title already has more than 400 million theoretical users (people who have at least downloaded PUBG Mobile).

Gears of War, the video game of the survival-horror and action-adventure genre, debuted in late 2006. After Gears of War 4 failed to convince, the new installment of the Epic Games saga has liked everyone.

Made by The Coalition for Xbox One and PC, in this installment the protagonist is female (Kait). And the success is being complete, to the satisfaction of Microsoft as well.

Because, although there is no information on the number of copies that Gears 5 has sold, it can already be said that it is the first great success of Xbox Game Pass. Says renowned Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

As explained in his Twitter account, Gears 5 is "the first mega success of Game Pass". Ahmad refers to the huge number of subscriptions that were closed in the days leading up to the videogame's debut and since it was available.

This analyst lists the reasons that, in his opinion, explain the success of Gears 5: its competitive price, its constant offers, its large library of games and the fact that Microsoft's first-parties are available on the day of its launch.

And so good has been the response of the gamers, that Gears 5 has been able to with the almighty Fortnite. He has taken the throne from Xbox LIVE. The Ultimate Edition of the video game is already the most played title on Xbox One in countries such as the USA, France, Germany or the United Kingdom.


Fortnite has been absorbed by a black hole and its fans have panicked and even speculate with the end of the video game due to the impossibility, from this Sunday, of accessing the system.

Those responsible for Fortnite had spent days announcing an important event for this Sunday and the most widespread idea was that it was an update to mark the end of its tenth season.

After what happened -the game was devoured by a black hole after a kind of meteorite fell on the island-, which opens the range of theories: from a technical problem to a maneuver to close the tenth season and provoke the suspense facing the eleventh.

At the moment, from Epic Games, the company that created the game, has not given an official explanation about what may have happened.

Meanwhile, from the Twitter account of the creator company they have removed the game from its header and it is also not available to download in its online store. Visit

Fortnite is still in very good health

In addition, the video shows new ways to level up in the Battle Pass, through medals that are obtained by completing different actions such as taking down or accumulating resources. The preview also shows the skins, at the usual quality level.

The trailer in question was initially found by Skin Tracker, which, however, had to be removed at the request of Epic Games. But it is already known, in the networks everyone is fast, even fast, and more if it is a phenomenon like Fornite and in full shock by the black hole. So several cups of the trailer were spread throughout the internet, like the one we show you, from FortniteMaster.

Few games have generated as many headlines in the past year as Fortnite. Headlines, players and sales (downloads). Although some data could hint that Epic Games' battle royale has peaked, Fortnite is still in very good health.

Perhaps because it costs to leave it; maybe because it's ... addictive? That last is what a Canadian law firm thinks: that Fortnite is an addictive video game and that Epic Games has done it deliberately. And for this reason, says the CBC, they have filed a lawsuit before the Quebec Justice, representing two families.

Lawyers for Calex Légal, a Canadian law firm, compare Fortnite to cocaine because the title, in his opinion, is designed to create addiction. They claim that the famous battle royale releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is known as the 'happiness hormone'. By generating it, they say, Fortnite makes its users dependent.

Chartrand relates that the parents of these two families approached them and commented: "If we had known that Fortnite was such an addictive video game that it would ruin our children's lives, we would never have let him play it or would have watched him closely."

Lawyers support their lawsuit on two grounds. On the one hand, the fact that the World Health Organization has ratified this year that video game addiction is a mental disorder. On the other, a 2015 Quebec Supreme Court order against tobacco companies for failing to warn smokers of the consequences of smoking.

Fortnite's terms of service say the player waives his right to take legal action against the company, either individually or collectively. However, Calex Légal's lawyers consider that these terms are not valid in this part of Canada, where its consumer protection law requires companies to clarify all the risks that come with the use or consumption of a product.

Fortnite is the king of the battle royale; it is the game that everyone keeps talking about; it is the one with the most users; the one that more people have downloaded on their mobile. Yes, but PUBG Mobile makes more money.

Admittedly, Tencent's battle royale makes less noise and even seems to have taken over as a second-round. And yet its owners should care little: PUBG Mobile generates more revenue than Fortnite. It has already exceeded one billion dollars.

As detailed by Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile has already generated more than $ 1 billion in total revenue. This is largely due to the huge increase in profits reaped in the last year; an increase of 540%.

Fortnite has a lot of life left

At Telemadrid noon, the debate on the 120 Minutes program, led by the recently awarded Iris award winner, María Rey, has dedicated a good part of the morning to it.

They have spoken with experts, they have connected live, they have gone into the bars to ask and, how could it be otherwise, the socialists have discussed it. "I do not see young people concerned about this issue, they are more concerned with Fortnite than with Franco," said journalist Javier Negre. "We have time to play Fortnite and in addition to talking to our friends," Juan Luís Sánchez, also a journalist, replied.

Negre has argued that the exhumation has been raised as an event "for there to be conflict." "He is scheduling the exhumation of Franco at 10:30 in the morning to be broadcast by all television stations and to mobilize the extreme right," he said.

After the blackout suffered by Fortnite players last Sunday when they ended Season X with a black hole that swallowed the entire map, many were the ones who thought it could be the end of the game. Some users seem to have downloaded their frustration by searching for game related words on Pornhub.

As Pornhub explained on its page, the search rose to 152% on October 14 after having already increased by 112% the previous day. These percentages are equivalent to "hundreds of thousands of searches".

The curious thing is that the phrase "black hole" was the one that increased the most, perhaps due to its double meaning. It had a search up to 9.640% above average while Fortnite servers were down. The famous pornography page has published several charts reflecting the increase in searches, although the one that most astonishes is the one related to "black hole":

Pornhub did not take long to demonstrate on social media claiming that "they have better holes to look at than Fornite's." However, players no longer have any problem to play, since Epic Games has launched Fornite Chapter 2, with new features that are reflected both in the mechanics and on the stage.

Those responsible for Fortnite had been announcing an important event for days. And the event came. Of course, no one imagined that it would be the end of time. A black hole has swallowed the game that everyone has wanted to play (remember that it has been downloaded on more than 250 million mobiles).

Is that black hole the end of the video game? Although users cannot access the game and the networks speculate on its end, it seems clear that we are facing a marketing campaign ... great, by the way.

The proof that Fortnite has a lot of life left is the trailer that has been leaked on networks. A snack from Fortnite Chapter 2. It is only half a minute in which some of the novelties of this second part of the battle royale of Epic Games are shown and suggested.

Among what is seen in this accelerated summary, to open your mouth and create more expectations, are the new game mechanics. In Chapter 2 of Fortnite we will be able to swim, fish and manage boats (it follows that there will be fights between boats). Also, we will be able to load an injured partner into our boat.

Fortnite World Cup

The young man began to cry, apologized to the company and assured that he understood the penalty for the mistake he made. Still, he didn't see his life without Fortnite because it was what he loved the most: "It is truly insane the great impact it had on my life. I'm not even sure what I would be doing right now if Fortnite was not something for me. "

A hard blow to the gamer and a decision that has caused many players to criticize the harshness of this decision and others are in favor of the penalty set by Epic Games.

Part of the League of Legends (LoL) world championship, one of the world's leading eSports competitions, is taking place in Spain. Madrid hosted the quarterfinals last weekend and will host the semifinals on November 2 and 3.

And it was in one of the weekend's quarterfinal games where Riot Games' popular MOBA has managed to break a Fortnite audience record. In other words, League of Legends has celebrated its tenth anniversary by beating Epic Games' battle royale.

PcGamesN tells it. One of the Worlds 2019 matches, this year's installment of the League of Legends world championship, reached 2,504,751 spectators. In itself it is a great fact, but more considering that in this way LoL broke the record of the Fortnite World Cup, which achieved the 2,334,825 spectators.

Those more than two and a half million spectators were reached in a quarterfinal match. So it is very possible that the figure will be exceeded again, if we consider that the semifinals and the final of the Worlds 2019 remain (on November 10 in Paris).

The Worlds 2019 semifinals, it has already been said, will be in Madrid on November 2 and 3. The clashes will be between Invicuts Gaming and Funplus Phoenis on the one hand and SK Telecom T1 and G2 Esports on the other.

The prize for the winner is the Summoner's Cup and a cash amount that varies throughout the competition. Last year this championship distributed $ 6.7 million among the top-ranked teams. The cup will have a luxury cover this year, the one created by Louis Vuitton.

League of Legends currently has 100 million active players per month, making it the most played PC game in the world.

The television networks are finalizing the preparations for what looks like one of the cathodic events of the year: the exhumation of Franco from the Valle de los Caídos, to be buried again in El Pardo with his wife.

The sets of the morning magazines, have withdrawn the focus from Catalonia - although with one eye still on the cold drop that hits the community - and have placed it in the Valley of the Fallen and the Mingorrubio cemetery, the two points that will be key on Thursday morning.

The event has all the ingredients to give material to the gatherings: live signal from TVE, the unknown whether it will be done by helicopter or by car, the probable concentrations in front of the entrance to Cuelgamuros.